Hints & Tips

When moving into self storage at U Lock It, think about the following;


Planning ahead

  • Visit U Lock It for advice on the space that you’ll need
  • Fix the date as far ahead as possible
  • Make sure that you have enough packing materials.


Packing up

  • Disassemble the big pieces – keeping the screws etc. in labelled bags
  • Box everything to avoid losing things
  • Clean out fridges, freezers, ovens and food cupboards, and tape doors closed for the journey




  • Don’t overfill or under fill your boxes
  • Stacked boxes are safer if filled
  • Fill empty pockets in boxes with packaging materials
  • Be sure that you don’t make the boxes to heavy too lift
  • Use proper storage boxes that won’t collapse
  • Spread heavy items about so that no boxes are too heavy
  • Label your boxes clearly and preferably on the top and on one side. Ideally make a list of numbered boxes
  • Wrap china or glass piece by piece. Put the heaviest items at the bottom and pad out corners and empty spaces
  • Pack delicate items separately, using bubble wrap or tissue paper
  • Pack mirrors, pictures and records on edge not flat


In the van

  • For a long distance choose a van big enough for just one trip. For shorter distances plan several trips in a smaller van
  • Load biggest items first, and pad spaces between items
  • Tie everything so it doesn’t topple or slide about
  • Put your handbag, wallet, specs and keys in one bag in the cab of the van
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