Our Storage Solutions

We can offer a range of storage units, and to help you decide on size we would recommend that you come to see the storage units yourself, and speak to one of our experience staff member who will be more than happy to show you what units we have to offer. Our unit sizes are also here on our website which can help guide you to which size is suitable for your needs. When it comes to needing storage, it couldn’t be more simple, with sign up taking a matter of minutes to do!

8ft x 7ft - 56 sq ft

£10 + vat pwk

Size 56 sq ft 5.9 sq m
Length 7ft 2.1m
Height 8ft 2.4m
Width 7ft 2.1m
Cubic 392 ft³ 11.10m³

9ft x 7ft – 63 sq ft

£12.50 + vat pwk

Size 63 sq ft 5.85 sq m
Length 9ft 2.7m
Height 7ft 2.1m
Width 7ft 2.1m
Cubic 441 ft³ 12.48m³

10ft x 8ft - 80 sq ft

£15 + vat per wk

Size 80 sq ft 7.4 sq m
Length 10ft 3m
Height 8ft 2.4m
Width 8ft 2.4m
Cubic 640 ft³ 18.12m³

20ft x 8ft - 160 sq ft

£25 + vat pwk

Size 160 sq ft 14.8 sq m
Length 20ft 6m
Height 8ft 2.4m
Width 8ft 2.4m
Cubic 1280 ft³ 36.24m³

Renting a Unit

When renting a unit we always recommend viewing the unit before you need to rent one. This gives you the ability to know what space is available, at what cost and it gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the storage facility. We pride ourselves on keeping a clean and safe facility at all times for the safety and security of your goods.

Once you have decided on a unit size, you can check availability at our sites and reserve a unit for just £50.

To rent a unit with us we require a completed licence agreement and a form of photo ID. This is a necessity and the unit cannot be rented without this.

To then rent the unit you must pay the first 4 weeks of rental in advance and a £50 refundable deposit for the unit keys and gate fobs (We can hold the reservation payment for this if already paid). This can be taken by Card or Cash. We will also require your bank details to set up standing order or card details so that the payments can be taken automatically on the due date.  We will invoice you via email 5 days before the payment is due (10 days if postal) and if you’re paying by standing order or automatic card payment these invoices will be for your information only.

We do not offer any insurance and arrangements for this must be made via your own insurance provider, or we can direct you to a company that specialises in insurance for items in storage, the link can be found on our website.

Accepted forms of ID include:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Businesses – Company business card/headed paper accompanied with a photo Id of Company representative signing the agreement.

Once these have been seen we will need to take a copy for our records.

Vacating the Unit

When you wish to vacate your unit, the usual term of notice is 4 weeks.

Once you have returned to us all your unit keys and gate fobs, and the unit is returned to us in the original rental condition, and there are no outstanding monies, then we would make arrangements for the return of your £50 deposit.

Do you have any question? Feel free to contact us

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